Friday, September 9, 2011


No updates for a while now,
since I'm studying for my finals.
Yeah, fucking finals.
I'm doing some research and thinking of,
a new design for my blog.

Since this is a blog Of what happens in my mind,
the design would of course be 'me',
but all of that have to wait until after my finals.

Sorry for not updating much.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Mental Health

I've been called crazy,
insane, lunatic, alien,
and many2 more,
but I don't care,
cause its true,

This lunacy is how I cope,
with all the things that had and will happen,
here are my thoughts,

The lights are on but there is no one home,
Yeah I'm the type of guy that shouldn't be left alone,
They say just one more night of observation,
There's nothing like a permanent vacation,

I break down like you want me to,
But I will not give control to you,
Forget all the things you put me through,
Dial up the residue,
Now I'm nuts, just like a blue cashew,

I go Psycho,

And all I want is to go home just for a bit,
But these padded rooms are the shit!
I'm happy in my mental health,
These conversations with myself,
They say that only time will tell,
Whatever, I'm happy in my mental health,
I'm happy in my mental health,

Hey meet a friend of mine, now where'd he go?
He's probably sitting there but you would never know,
They say just one more shock (yeeow!)
Try not to resist,
They say lie down,
And bite on this,

Electric shocks away,
But the voices in my head are here to stay,
One day they'll do a play,
They take your shoelaces away,

Straight jacket,
Bad habit,
Cuz I live for the habit,
This static,
Double dose is just like magic,
Straight jacket,
Let's have it,
You pump up all my panic,
Welcome this is my life,
A padded room up in the attic,

Psycho psycho,
I'm happy in my mental health,
Psycho psycho,
I'm happy in my mental health,
Psycho psycho,
I'm happy in my mental health,
Psycho psycho,
I'm happy in my mental health,

Lunacy is what makes me, me >w<

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I already had this feeling,
a premonition of something,
I somehow knew it would happen sooner or later,
and now,
after doing some information gathering,
my feeling was true,

Somehow I knew,
Somehow I always knew,
I just want to know want thing,
Was I the cause ?
Was the cause something different,
That is the only thing I wanna know,

The only thing that I know is,
That I was a fool,
A fool to try,
A fool to even think,
A fool that should have learned from the past,

No more I say,
No more !
I'm just gonna say it loud and clear next time.

Hate it when things become like this >w<
and no one that I can actually talk to . . . 
FUCK IT . . .
I should just die or disappear . . . 


I sense things are slipping,
I feel sad inside but what can I do,
If it happens it happens,
Just wish for things to go in my way sometimes,
I think it wasn't meant to be . . . 

Things are always not what they seem >w<

Monday, April 18, 2011

I need

Somebody to talk to,
Somebody to hold hands with,
Somebody who knows me,
Somebody that would accept me . . .

but who ? >w<

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Touched my heart

I'm not a person that easily feel anything,
but watching this video it made me think ,
it made my heart ache,
it made me teary eyed,

I'm just gonna share it with you guys.

Watch it, Understand it, Feel it . . . .