Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I already had this feeling,
a premonition of something,
I somehow knew it would happen sooner or later,
and now,
after doing some information gathering,
my feeling was true,

Somehow I knew,
Somehow I always knew,
I just want to know want thing,
Was I the cause ?
Was the cause something different,
That is the only thing I wanna know,

The only thing that I know is,
That I was a fool,
A fool to try,
A fool to even think,
A fool that should have learned from the past,

No more I say,
No more !
I'm just gonna say it loud and clear next time.

Hate it when things become like this >w<
and no one that I can actually talk to . . . 
FUCK IT . . .
I should just die or disappear . . . 

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